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Hi!  I’m Stephanie, and I have been playing the piano since I was 6 years old.  I have taken lessons from many different piano teachers over the years, but little did I know all these one-on-one piano lessons were costing my parents about $30 for a 30-minute session!  Sure, the teachers were great, but a $30 lesson every week costs $120/month ($1,440/year)!

So, I looked online and found some piano sites and courses, tried them out, and enjoyed a few of them...unfortunately, some of them were total rip-offs!  If you're looking for a reliable, inexpensive way to learn piano without cutting the quality of the lesson, this site will make it easier for you to avoid the scams and find lessons that will actually help you!

Disclosure: Since I spend a LOT of time reviewing piano lessons, I would appreciate your support in buying lessons through a link on my site. You won't pay a cent more, but I'll receive a much-appreciated commission for my time writing these in-depth piano lesson reviews, which helps fund this 100% ad-free website (and my music collection). Thanks!

Check out the site and come back often for new articles, lessons, review updates, and more. For now, feel free to check out my in-depth reviews of the top 3 learn piano courses below:

  Learn & Master Piano Piano System Rocket Piano
Overall Rating 9.5/10 9.0/10 7.8/10
Lesson Quality
Value for Price
Support 4-star.png
Teaching Style
Lesson Variety
Ease of Use
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Product 14 DVDs, Book, 5 CDs & Support Forum 6 DVDs, 2 CDs &
2 Workbooks
57 Online Videos, 26 MP3s, 6 PDFs & 5 Software Tools
Delivery 3-14 Days 5-7 Days Instant (Online)
Lowest Price $249 $149 $97 $39.95
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Summary of the Most Popular Piano Lessons Reviews

Out of all the Learn Piano courses and sites out there, these are the ones I recommend the most:

1. Learn & Master Piano: This program is #1 in my book. It consists of 14 DVD's, 5 play-along CD's, and a 100+ page lesson book. There is an animated keyboard for easy and clear demonstrations as well as a complete online community.

2. Piano System: Complete with 9 hours of video training, several DVD's, 2 play-along CD's, and 2 printed workbooks, the Piano System has materials for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

3. Rocket Piano: This course offers 6 eBooks, 26 sound files, 57 video lessons, 3 learning games, and 6 bonuses. You can have it shipped to your house or download it right on to your computer. The quality is definitely not as high as what you'll find with Learn & Master Piano, though.

To find out more about each course, scroll down for complete reviews to find the right one for you.

  Learn and Master Piano Review


Learn and Master Piano screenshot

Lesson Quality: 5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 5 Star Rating
Support: 5 Star Rating
Teaching Style: 5 Star Rating
Lesson Variety: 4-star.png
Ease of Use: 5 Star Rating

Product DVDs, Book, CDs & Forum
Price: $249 $149
Delivery: 3-14 Days
Guarantee: 60-Day, 100%

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Learn & Master Piano

The course consists of 14 DVDs, 5 play-along CDs and a 100+ page lesson book, all crammed with step-by-step instruction, clear demonstrations, and popular songs.


  • It has video demonstration where an animated keyboard shows exactly what is being played.
  • A huge lesson book comes with the DVD’s.  I like being able to see the music on a piece of paper as well as on screen as an animated keyboard.
  • It's more fun because a lot of the songs you learn are familiar, popular songs that you already know the beat or words to!
  • There are play-along CD’s that allow you to practice songs with an actual band that was recorded in a real studio. Also, the 120+ tracks included in the CD’s are recorded both with and without the piano part.
  • The lesson styles vary from ragtime to modern pop to Latin, and everything in between!
  • The website offers an online support system where you can question the instructors, post your profile, track your progress, and chat with other students!
  • It also has material for intermediate players, so you can continue to use these products even after you learn to play.


  • Will is the only instructor, so he's the only one you get to learn from (similar to getting private piano lessons).
  • You have to wait for shipping.
  • Since I had been playing for so long, some of the lessons moved a too slowly for me, but thankfully we have fast-forward for that!  ; )

When I got Learn & Master Piano, it cost $249 (now it's $149), but I still saved a ton of money compared to private piano lessons.

Overall, I think this is the best and I highly recommend this course if you're just getting started, if you've been playing piano for a while without training, or if you want to learn more intermediate techniques like how to develop playing by ear and how to find the melodies and chord progressions on the keyboard.

Still can't decide? Read the full Learn and Master Piano review...

  Piano System Review


Piano System screenshot

Lesson Quality: 5 Star Rating
Value for Price: 5 Star Rating
Support: 4-star.png
Teaching Style: 4a-star.png
Lesson Variety: 4-star.png
Ease of Use: 4a-star.png

Product DVDs, CDs & Workbooks
Price: $97
Delivery: 5-7 Days
Guarantee: 90-Day, 100%

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The Piano System

The piano system also ranks pretty high in my book.  It has 9 hours of total video training from beginners to advanced players.  It includes several DVDs, 2 play-along CDs, and 2 printed workbooks.  The neat thing is, not only does it teach you how to play piano, but it also teaches you how to play piano by ear.

The Pros:

  • It teaches you how to play by ear, which is really cool!
  • Included are printed workbooks with over 65 pages of training material, which goes along with the DVDs.
  • It has training videos for beginning, intermediate, and advanced piano players alike.
  • There are additional bonus DVDs.
  • The training DVDs have all different styles from country to pop to jazz to blues, and more.
  • If you hear a song on the radio that you love, you can use the piano system to help you learn the song and play it by ear.

The Cons:

  • You have to wait for shipping.
  • Nate is the only instructor, so he's the only one you get to learn from (similar to getting private piano lessons).
  • There is only 1 training DVD for each skill level.

The Piano System is about $50 less than Learn & Master Piano, but it offers a little less, as well.  Even so, it offers all the fundamentals of piano and has something for every skill level. I also think it's really neat how it focuses on learning piano by ear.

Still can't decide? Read the full Piano System review...

  Rocket Piano Review


Rocket Piano screenshot

Lesson Quality: 4-star.png
Value for Price: 4a-star.png
Support: 3a-star.png
Teaching Style: 4-star.png
Lesson Variety: 5 Star Rating
Ease of Use: 4-star.png

Product Videos, PDF's & Software
Price: $39.95
Delivery: Instant
Guarantee: 60-Day, 100%

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Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano offers 6 books, 26 sound files, 57 video lessons, 3 learning games, and 6 free bonuses.  You can either download it right to your computer, or have it shipped to your home.

The Pros:

  • You can play along with a band.
  • You don't have to wait for shipping.
  • The price is great!
  • It offers an audio CD for all skill levels
  • It includes bonus materials at no cost.
  • Songwriting, sight reading, improvising, and transposing.
  • Offers classical, pop, country, rock, and blues styles.

The Cons:

  • If you choose to have it shipped, it costs over $150 more.
  • There is only 1 DVD for each skill level.
  • Ruth is the only instructor.
  • The $39.95 price is only temporary.

Rocket Piano seems to cover all the basics, even at each skill level, but it definitely doesn't compare to Learn & Master Piano.

Still can't decide? Read the full Rocket Piano review...


If you are a beginner who likes step-by-step instruction and clear demonstrations, Learn & Master Piano is definitely for you. There is a complete online community where you can talk to the instructor themself or even other students, so you are never alone!

If you are more of an intermediate to advanced player, the Piano System would be your best pick. This also has video training, several DVD's, a couple play-along CD's and workbooks to really give you a complete lesson.

Overall, my biggest recommendation would be Learn & Master Piano. Even though it focuses a lot on beginners, it also has material for more intermediate players. It has complete and well-rounded lessons in many different genres as well as a complete online community. If you are ready, check out Learn & Master Piano.


Top 4 Piano Lessons:

#1 - Learn and Master Piano
#2 - Piano System
#3 - Rocket Piano
#4 - Piano by Pattern